Learning Black History just got a lot more exciting.

Black History will never be canceled. Grab the monthly subscription designed to bring you printable, illustrated resources that keep these stories alive and guide you on your journey of lifelong learning.



Now more than ever, Black history is under attack in America.

With increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) laws, changes to Black history curriculum, book bans, and fears surrounding critical race theory (CRT), the rich and vital narratives of Black history are at risk of being lost.

If you're committed to everyday advocacy, you need reliable resources to continue learning and teaching Black history at home.

It's time for the community to be come the classroom.

Let's do something about it.



The Freedom School Subscription


Freedom School is a monthly digital subscription providing high-quality, printable resources designed to teach, preserve, and celebrate Black history through illustrated guides, art prints, hands-on activities and more. Based on the original 1960s freedom school pillars of citizenship, academics, and recreation, these materials offer fun and engaging learning experiences for individuals and families dedicated to everyday advocacy and Black history education. Each month, you'll become more equipped to connect the dots between historical events and present-day injustices–and more empowered to do something about them.

How did Juneteenth come to be? Did the 13th amendment actually abolish slavery, or does this injustice live on? Dive into the history, culture, celebration, and sorrow surrounding this holiday and see how the practice of slavery connects to some of today's most pressing issues. This month's resources include crafts, art prints, an illustrated timeline of Juneteenth, trivia games, party decor, an informative PDF guide about prison labor, coloring pages, printable templates, and more! Slide through the preview images to see all of this month's included resources.

A Journey to Juneteenth



Enough agonizing over not knowing what to do, searching endlessly on Google and Pinterest for inclusive learning resources, and feeling blindsided by the realities of present-day injustices without knowing how we got here and where it all started. 

I'm Danielle Coke Balfour, an illustrator, author, end activist, and I believe that we have the power to take the truth of our history into our own hands.

You've come to the right place (and you're not alone)



Knowledge is power, and knowing the truth about Black history is the key to confronting and transforming the injustices that persist to this day. Yet, Black history is more than stories of struggle. Learning about our culture, innovation, resilience, and accomplishments is a powerful way to preserve the legacies of our ancestors in a society prone to erasure and forgetfulness. 

If it's one thing we know as members of our current society, it's that the work is far from over. Freedom School exists to engage learners in a lifestyle of social justice, political participation, and service to humanity. You'll learn about present-day issues and get relevant information on how to immediately participate in creatively changing society for the better.

The Three Pillars of Freedom School





Who said educational resources had to be boring? From crafts and coloring pages to hands-on activities and real-world application, Freedom School includes an empowering collection of fun resources meant to make these messages of Black history memorable and interactive. There's something for everyone to enjoy! 





Who is the content in Freedom School geared towards?

Freedom School is for everyone and is a great fit for families! If you already learn from and enjoy Oh Happy Dani content, consider the subscription to be a deep dive into Black history concepts with an Oh Happy Dani twist: colorful, accessible, engaging, and (of course) illustrated! You'll find detailed resource guides about modern racial justice issues, but you'll also find crafts, games, and activities that even young students can enjoy! There's something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this in learning environments with my students?

These resources were definitely crafted with the classroom in mind, but beware: states across the country have enacted various regulations for Black history curriculum in schools. These resources cover everything from slavery and mass incarceration to the civil rights movement and protesting against injustice. It doesn't shy away from the heavy topics, but if you're willing to dive in, you'll find that these resources are inclusive, welcoming, and truthful.

How does the subscription work?

New digital resources released on the 1st of every month. When you sign up, you'll receive that month's resources at the time of purchase via email, and then on the 1st every month after that. Resources can also be accessed within your account! No physical products will be mailed to you, and you can cancel at any time.

Can I gift or donate a subscription to someone else?

The Freedom School Scholarship Fund is on the way! Stay tuned for more information coming this summer. 

What kind of resources and printables are included?

With Freedom School, the possibilities are endless! Resources can include:
  • Illustrated art prints
  • Coloring pages and game sheets
  • Informative PDF guides, resource lists, and action sheets on various topics
  • Party printables for educational gatherings
  • Crafts for kids and family-friendly activities
  • Downloadable templates for interactive projects